School Visit – St Joseph’s Primary School Wauchope

Back to school for Michael! Michael went to St Joseph’s Primary School Wauchope along with Kathryn Stephens and her gorgeous guide dog Nessie. Talking to Grade 1 and 2 children about how to approach dogs, read and understand their behaviour and therefore avoiding dog bites. Nessie was a massive star and the kids loved her calm, friendly relaxed manner.

Wally’s Dog Rescue

Wally’s is a not-for-profit rescue for dogs run exclusively by volunteers.  Natasha Rankin is involved as a volunteer and runs the Wally’s Dog Rescue for Kempsey and surrounding areas.

Here at Wauchope Vets Michael and Leisa decided to get involved with Wally’s, via the clinic, by providing discounted microchipping, vaccinations and desexing to rescued dogs brought into our clinic by Natasha.  Wally’s provides rescues to abused, stray and neglected dogs.

Once a dog has been in the care of Wally’s, they then are adopted out to an appropriate home, where Natasha ensures they will be properly cared for.  Wauchope Vets are delighted to be in collaboration with Wally’s.

Our Mission

To provide genuine and compassionate veterinary care that enhances the human-animal bond, livelihood and well being of pet and livestock owners within our community.

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