Tick Paralysis in Pets

Tick poisoning is a life-threatening condition caused by the saliva of the Australian Ixodes holocyclus tick. The tick’s saliva is neurotoxic, causing a slow worsening weakness and paralysis of all muscles, including the heart and gut over a few days.


Arthritis in Pets

Just like in humans, arthritis can be well managed in pets with a combination of medication, weight control and balanced exercise, which can greatly improve your pet's quality of life.


Basic First Aid for Pets

If your pet is injured, it could be in pain and is also most likely scared and confused. You need to be careful to avoid getting hurt, bitten or scratched.


Rat Baits and Pets

Rat baits contain a very potent poison that generally causes a very slow, and non-dramatic death. The poison normally takes three days to start having an effect.

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